Moving Company Checklist

Moving Checklist

Denver Moving Checklist

To ensure you aren’t running running around on the day before moving, and that you are adequately prepared, we recommend you start around the 80 day mark before your upcoming move. 80 days allows you some much needed room to breathe (something you’ll really appreciate due to the stressful nature of moving).


Last 8 Weeks

First and foremost, you’ll need to create a budget for your moving expenses. This will keep you from spending too much without realizing it. Refer back to this budget when scheduling movers or buying any other moving-related services and equipment.
Gather moving quotes from various moving companies. Choose on-site estimates when possible.
Create a moving binder to store all moving documents within. The more organized you are throughout the moving process, the easier it will be. 

Last 6 Weeks

Choose your top 3 moving company’s you want to work with research them online.
Forward important information to your new location such as: school records and medical records.
Host a garage sale or donate your unwanted items.
Acquire the necessary packing and wrapping supplies you’ll be needing such as: duct tape, boxes, and bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Boxes are very easy to find. There’s many stores and businesses that give boxes away for free, and the “Free” section of Craigslist has a ton of boxes to choose from.


Last 4 Weeks

Start packing away items you won’t be needing in the upcoming month such as: seasonal items or items stored in your garage.
Remember to accurately label your boxes or bins. Marking your delicate items with “Fragile” is a must.
You can also use red duct tape to mark important boxes you’ll need right away when you arrive to your new home.
Decide on a moving company and schedule your move. You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation for your move. Double check the price, date, and other details.
If you have children, this would be the time to let their schools know of your move and to gather enrollment information for their future schools.
Movers will not move dangerous, valuable, or perishable items. This includes, but not limited to: gasoline, food, money, jewelry, animals, live plants, aerosol, firearms and ammunition, and matches.  


Last 2 Weeks

Call your moving company to verify your move.
Make arrangements for at least one adult to stay home on moving day to supervise the movers and aid with any questions.
Fill out the Change of Address form for the USPS. You can easily fill out their form on their site.
Inspect your car and give it a tune up. 

Last Week

Notify friends and family of your upcoming move. You can do this in person or very easily through social media sites.
Cancel your magazine or newspaper subscriptions.
Movers are not allowed to move anything living. If you’re moving pets or plants, make arrangements for them.
If you’re changing banks, do not forget to collect the items inside your safe deposit box.

Last day

Each family member should prepare a suitcase as if you were leaving on a 2 day vacation. That way when you get to your new home, you can relax and enjoy your new home instead of having to look for clean socks in the multitude of boxes.
Your moving company should be calling you on the day before your move to verify your move one last time. Pay attention to your phone, or call them yourself to ease any worries for the moving day.
Inventory the valuable items you will be moving.


Moving Day

Accompany your movers to your new location.
Stay attentive throughout the whole move to answer any questions the movers may have, or to explain to them specific ways you want things to be done.